About Us

Prof. Dr. Srisakdi Charmonman
Chairman of Prof.Dr.Srisakdi Charmonman Foundation
(SC Foundation).

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The purposes of the foundation:
  • To promote the development of Information Technology and related knowledge.

  • To promote seminars on Information Technology and related events.

  • To promote publication of textbooks and technical reports on Information Technology and relate subjects.

  • To establish Internet Fund to promote Internet Technology.

  • To support Academic Funds established by Prof. Dr. Srisakdi Charmonman at various universities such as "Prof. Dr. Srisakdi Charmonman Fund at the National Institute of Development Administration", or "Phraya Nitisart Paisalya and Prof. Srisakdi Charmonman Fund at Thammasart University".

  • To support technical activities of learned societies related to Information Technology, such as "Thailand Chapter of Association for Computing Machinery", "Thailand Joint Chapter of the Computer Society and Engineering Management Society of the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE)", "Thailand Chapter of the Internet Society", "Thailand Internet Association", and "International Federation for Information Processing".

  • To support charitable and public activities organized by ABAC-KSC Technology and Training Institute of Assumption University and Internet KSC.